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Why I Do What I Do

First, I wanted to thank you so much for the love and support you have showed me through the months. I can't tell you what it means to me - but I can certainly show you. Truth is, nothing gives me  greater joy than to know that I am helping someone else feel loved, wanted and accepted. You see, I grew  up in a home with a mom who I always felt didn't love me, much less accept me. I was raised to feel less important than anyone else in my household. Having a mother who suffered from mental illness was one of the hardest things I had to go through. I felt as though I would never get out of the situation that I was in. Boy, was I wrong. The older that I got, I started to recognize that her words of disgust, judgement and hurt were just that - words. They were simply not true to who I was. I was important and I was beautiful just the way that I was and I didn't need to change for anyone. But imagine hearing your mother tell you that she wished you were more attractive. Let that sink in for a moment... I heard those words from the time I was a little girl and around the age of 7 or 8 I started to really listen to them and believe them. I always told myself that when I became a mom, I would never allow my children to feel any less than anyone else. I would be sure to always uplift them, show them affection and make sure that my babies knew what love was and what it was supposed to feel like. Most importantly, they would always know just how beautiful they really were. I wanted to be the first real fan of my babies and I hope they see that today. 

Fast forward to today's time. When I started my TikTok back in August of 2020, I enjoyed being invited into other peoples lives for 60 seconds. I saw young adults graduating, babies being born, people adopting rescue animals... all the good things and wonderful memories that we got to witness just through an app. I was truly amazed. But I also saw all of the bad and the hardships that others would share. Young adults reaching out because they had no one to turn to, girls getting all dressed up for their first dates only to have the person that they really wanted to love and get to know stand them up. I saw teens coming out to their parents, only for their parents to turn their backs on them. People were even being bullied on their videos just for not being the 'perfect' size. What ever happened to love and body positivity? So it dawned on me one day. How can I help? Yes, I am a stranger, but what can I do to help? I had to do something. I thought that if I showed kindness to them, and showed them real, raw love that maybe things could change. The more kindness that someone sees, the more kindness they start to give out. 2020 dang near made us all want to give up, in the worst ways, but we didn't. We all got through it together - like a family. There will always be hard times, but its how you come out of the tough situations and rise above that matters. My goal is to continue to spread love, joy, kindness and acceptance to all who follow me or come across my page. I am secretly trying to change the world, one person at a time. My platform is a safe place for all and it will continue to grow. I now have so many adopted babies that I can't keep up with them - and that has brought me so much joy. So, when you're feeling down, sad or unmotivated, I want you to reach out in some way. I try my best to be there for as many people as I can and I hope that what I do can bring you some comfort and joy. My life wasn't easy, and I certainly have the stories to tell. I have to admit, I suppose my southern twang is what keeps you all hanging around. I tell my stories in hopes that others can relate, and that I can show them that things can and will get better. Its therapeutic to me, telling my stories. But the real gift is knowing that when I do share them, you feel better, even if its just for a moment. We can all laugh and cry together. And know that when the going gets tough, things do get better. 

And remember what I always say... Be better, not bitter. 

With love and acceptance always, Ophelia. 

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